Indie studio Dead Pixel Entertainment has lifted the lid on Sync, a first person shooter for the Wii U eShop which aims to channel the spirit of Metroid Prime and provide a AAA experience at a budget price.

Speaking to Nintendo Enthusiast, Dead Pixel shared some details on this new title, as well as its other project, Starbeast. Sync is set in a sterile world dominated by robots, and won't hand-hold the player too much — Dead Pixel is keen to allow players to find their own way in this immersive environment.

Here are some more details, straight from the horse's mouth:

Sync is a Sci Fi First Person Adventure similar to the Metroid Prime series. We, at Dead Pixel, believe anyone who loves the Prime series will love Sync for it’s open world gameplay and unique item collection. Players are thrown into a mechanical world where robots have become the dominant species. Players are tasked with locating data stations and uploading a deadly virus to destroy Sync, a computer system, from the inside. Given orders from an unknown group that calls itself Gensys. The player must focus his/her efforts on finding these terminals with little direction to complete their mission.

The screenshot shown above is the result of just two weeks work, and shows that the game already has a distinctive art style. The team expects the game to launch on the Wii U eShop later this year at a price point that will "surprise" gamers.

Starbeast is Dead Pixel's other major project, and is a horizontal shooter with lofty production values.

The team clearly has some grand ideas for its games:

The types of games we plan to make are very artistic in design, also very innovation in mechanics. With Sync (Starbeast and our other games planned) we asked ourselves a very important question: How can we innovate an otherwise dull genre? After finding an answer to that question, we build upon our ideas until we find something unique and fresh then move into production. When it comes to designing games, a lot of people in the industry try and follow trends… we are aiming to create them.

When quizzed on why the studio had decided on the Wii U as its platform of choice, the response was overwhelmingly positive:

We chose the Wii U for that reason exactly. The visuals are fantastic. Control options are limitless. It has the Nintendo Seal of Quality. We believe our games will benefit from the Wii U more so than they will from the PS4 or the XB-ONE.

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