Nintendo Minute Dk

With Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze now so close that we can smell the bananas, Nintendo's YouTube show 'Nintendo Minute' has naturally pitched in to show a little more of the game in action, with the co-hosts each picking a favourite level.

First up is world 3-3 (Frantic Fields) which includes some heroic charging with Rambi and an ongoing storm that includes twisters and bolts of lightening. The second level shown focuses on one of many swimming stages, world 4-3 (Amiss Abyss); it's a fairly lengthy stage that tests a player's grasp of the underwater mechanics. Both tricky levels, and the hosts also chat a bit about the game as they play.

Check it out below, assuming you're happy to see these levels in action; are you picking this up on Friday? We certainly think you should, giving it 9/10 in our review.