The Resurrection of Helix

Over the past two weeks, the life of this writer has been dominated by two things. An absurd amount of schoolwork, and an equally absurd amount of time spent watching the antics of TwitchPlaysPokémon. The stream has drained away time, prompting viewing even during class. However, with the astounding popularity of the stream, it seems that free time will be consumed for quite a while longer.

Earlier today, the anonymous creator of the TwitchPlaysPokémon stream told The Guardian that he plans on continuing the Pokémon franchise following the inevitable end of the Pokémon Red stream. He also added that he is “still deciding” which of the three generation two Pokémon games to play next. The choice lies between Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, all of which revolutionized handheld gaming.

In other news, the current TwitchPlaysPokémon stream has been making a large amount of progress, even with the large viewer count. Red is now on Cinnabar Island attempting to retrieve the Secret Key from the Pokémon Mansion. This step is crucial to the stream’s progress, as it is required to get into the Cinnabar Island Gym. Also, the stream miraculously was able to catch the legendary bird Zapdos using the Master Ball, who has now become a vital part of the team.

Perhaps the greatest piece of news to come from the stream in the past few days was the revival of the Helix Fossil. Since the beginning of the stream, the Helix Fossil has become an icon of the series, spawning countless internet memes and parodies. The now revived Omanyte, otherwise known as “Lord Helix” has truly displayed the perseverance and love the fans have for this adventure.

Which game would you like to see for the next round of TwitchPlaysPokémon? Let us know in the comments below.