This has been a steadily vanishing sight from stores, according to XSEED

Fantasy-farmer Rune Factory 4 has been harder to find at retail in North America lately. Publisher XSEED Games, via its Facebook page, has blamed the shortage on the fact that, you know, people want to buy the game; more shipments should be on the way:

We've received quite a few inquiries asking about Rune Factory 4 since it's been difficult to find in stores in North America. Don't worry! It's just been selling well beyond our expectations, so we're working as quickly as possible to restock physical copies. We encourage you to periodically check back with retailers since they should be getting more in stock soon. Thanks for making Rune Factory 4 a major success, guys!

The success of Rune Factory 4 in North America is a bit of a bittersweet development. Our review pits it as an assuredly great game, so more players potentially discovering that fact than XSEED expected is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, the encouraging sales figures are likely not enough to bring back developer Neverland, which announced its closure last November due to increasing financial woes.

There is also no word yet on whether Marvelous AQL Europe may reverse its decision to cancel Rune Factory 4's release in Europe. When asked in the comments to its Facebook post whether Rune Factory 4 could see a European release now, XSEED only replied that it is unable to release the title in Europe itself.

Do you think Rune Factory 4's sales will boost the series' continuation in the future? Sound off in the comments below.

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