Activision's Skylanders series is one of gaming's most profitable franchises, thanks to its successful formula of fusing interactive entertainment with expensive plastic toys that kids just can't seem to get enough of.

The issue for Activision is that it has to come up with ways to keep this concept fresh each year; we've already seen oversized toys in Skylanders Giants, and last year it was all about mix-and-matching characters in Skylanders Swap Force. The 2014 entry is being developed by Toys for Bob — the studio which concocted the franchise in the first place — and is already being billed by the publishers as a "game changer". So what does Activision have in store?

The answer to that question may have been given by Mega Brands, owner of the Lego-like Mega Bloks building system. A flood of Skylanders-related Mega Bloks toys are coming to market, and the promotional material for these items shows characters riding in various "ranger vehicles".

There's obviously the chance that these vehicles could be exclusive to the toy line and not part of the main game itself, but the introduction of ride-on tanks would certainly make things interesting.

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