Retro City Rampage Dx Header

It's no secret that of the income Vblank Entertainment and its founder has earned from Retro City Rampage, the WiiWare version has contributed little, potentially nothing. When we last raised the topic with the studio's founder Brian Provinciano he reiterated that he'd earned nothing from the Nintendo release, due to its failure to meet the platform's sales threshold. Thankfully that policy is long gone, and the 3DS eShop — as well as its Wii U contemporary — is far more supportive in helping small developers receive reward for their work.

With RCR arriving on so many platforms the developer has enjoyed some success, and it seems the new DX version is performing well and, we'd hope, making up for some of the investment lost on WiiWare. In a Q & A conducted on Twitter, the developer highlighted that he was happy with progress on the handheld's store.

Elsewhere it was explained that a new project is planned, while the tweet above shows that there's enthusiasm to work on the 3DS once again — the Wii U was mooted, but not substantially. At present the focus is on some additional updates and recuperation after a gruelling work schedule.

As for those updates, Vblank Entertainment also sent out a recent press release highlighting the inclusion of car garages in a new Steam update, which will also make it into the DX version on the 3DS eShop.

Have you picked up Retro City Rampage DX on the 3DS, or do you plan to?

Thanks to Benedict for the tip.