This man likes Nintendo, so we've heard

There have been some dramatic changes in the editorial team at Future Publishing's Official Nintendo Magazine recently, with Editor-In-Chief Chandra Nair stepping down and Matthew Castle taking his place at the helm.

Nair has finally broken the silence regarding his new position on Twitter:

The former ONM bigwig — now employed as Marketing Manager at Nintendo UK — joins a long list of former journalists working for the Japanese gaming giant. Some of you may recall a fine fellow by the name of James Newton who used to work around these parts but now sits behind a marble desk sipping cocktails and consuming copious amounts of caviar within the offices of Nintendo of Europe (that's how we like to picture him, anyway).

Nair began his career at Paragon Publishing in 2001 before joining Future to help relaunch ONM five years later. In 2008 he left to join UK software publisher System 3 as Brand Manager, but would eventually rejoin Future in 2012 to oversee all of the company's Nintendo projects and give ONM another facelift to coincide with the arrival of the Wii U.

Everyone at Nintendo Life wishes Nair success in his new role.