Current Nintendo Life editor James Newton is to bid farewell to the site this week.

James has been a part of Nintendo Life since way back in January 2008 when he came on board to plug the enormous gap in the site's coverage of Harvest Moon and Sonic games. Over the coming months he started taking on other duties, soon rising to the rank of assistant editor, then news editor in May 2010 and finally, in November 2011, achieving the coveted rank of editor.

The reason for James's departure is simple: on 1st August he starts work at Nintendo of Europe as a junior online editor. He's moving to Frankfurt, Germany and taking up residence at the Big N (well, he'll actually live in a flat) to create online content across Europe. He's quite excited, as you might imagine.

On behalf of all the Nintendo Life team we would like to wish James well in his new job at Nintendo: he's been a dedicated member of the team for what feels like eons. Thanks for everything!

As one door closes, another opens

We're happy to reveal our editorial director Damien McFerran will step into the editor's shoes full-time in a few weeks to take over the day-to-day running of Nintendo Life. Damien has the right blend of skills and experience to take Nintendo Life to the next level and we're thrilled he's going to be our new editor.

To say a proper goodbye to the site James will be reminiscing over his favourite games, moments and — yes — bizarre emails this week. Don't miss it.

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