Street fightin' man

If you're a fan of blasting aliens, punching robots and playing demented pinball tables, then next week's Japanese 3DS Virtual Console releases should be right up your street.

Irem's iconic 2D shooter R-Type is on the way (the PC Engine version), along with fellow PC Engine title Alien Crush and Capcom's 2010 Street Fighter. The PC Engine titles will both retail for 600 yen each, while the NES/Famicom release will be 500 yen.

Both R-Type and Alien Crush have of course been released on the Wii Virtual Console previously, but 2010 Street Fighter — a platforming spin-off of Capcom's famous brawler which received a rather lukewarm response when it originally launched — is making its digital debut. It hit the west under the slightly different name Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (Capcom clearly wasn't above name-checking two of its previous arcade titles to build interest in this thoroughly average game, it would seem).

Would you be interested in seeing a western release for this trio of titles? Let us know by leaving a comment below.