What are you doing, mate!? That's not the goal!

Level 5's popular soccer-based RPG Inazuma Eleven has finally made its way to North American shores.

Kick-off took place immediately after the end of the North American Nintendo Direct presentation, with the game now being available to download for $19.99. The game is also available in Europe (although no pricing information was given), but oddly enough this doesn't include the UK. This particular downloadable title appears to be an updated version of the DS original that was originally released in Japan in 2008 and hit Europe later on, in 2011.

The game features a blend of RPG and action gameplay elements, as shown in the trailer below. In keeping with the sport on which it is based, players will also get to play actual football matches, which are controlled using the stylus. For a better idea of what the game offers, be sure to check our in-depth review of the original DS game.