Nintendo Love

It's Valentine's Day, and with the most commercially romantic day of the year come many traditions, such as exchanging flowers, sending cards, getting sick on chocolate, and combing online dating sites looking for profiles posted by our favourite video game characters!

What, you don't do that last thing?

That's okay, because we do...and we've collected everything we found this year for you here. Just as we've done last year and the year before that, we've taken the time to spotlight ten profiles of characters we feel are deserving of love. Who knows? One of them may just turn out to be your soul mate.

These characters are bearing their heart's secrets in their search for a perfect mate, and that's bound to include some spoilers. You've been warned!

Which of these lonely hearts would you like to snuggle up next to on this fine, enchanted evening?

None of them. Your answer should be none of them.