Famicom Remix

NES Remix was a pleasant surprise when suddenly announced for the Wii U eShop, and the appearance of its slightly more mature cousin NES Remix 2 is a good sign that this particular brand of retro carnival play is taking off.

It may come to the delight and/or great envy of others, then, that Japan will be seeing both titles, properly referred to as Famicom Remix 1 + 2, released on a physical disc right before Nes Remix 2 is set to hit digitally in the rest of the world. The announcement of the compilation was made during Japan's recent Nintendo Direct broadcast.

The box art alone is lovely, a red, white, and gold celebration of the system that started it all. There is no word on whether a similar retail release will be made overseas, and those without Kirby powers probably shouldn't hold their breaths over it, but you never know.

How interested would you be in a physical release of NES Remix 1 + 2, or do you think Nintendo should invest its resources elsewhere — say, into SNES Remix? Let us know below.

[source destructoid.com]