SNES Remix

Following on from this week's Nintendo Direct where NES Remix 2 was revealed, our hopes were raised for a SNES Remix to be announced in the near future. It's got to only be a matter of time, right?

With this in mind we devised a likely list of candidates for a 16-bit remix mash-up. These are all Nintendo-published games which have seen a release on the Wii Virtual Console (in some cases also the Wii U eShop); no Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, then.

So here we go, 12 games that will surely play a role in a future SNES Remix, with one challenge idea for each; these would likely be some of the tougher tasks.

  • Super Mario World - Grab the cape and fly through a stage; Nintendo could even get its own back by having you fly between pipes Flappy Bird style.
  • F-Zero - Come first in a lap around Mute City with reversed controls.
  • Pilotwings - Get a perfect score in the rocket belt bonus stage.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Survive a 20 second Cucco attack.
  • Super Mario Kart - Complete a lap of Rainbow Road without skidding on one of the many banana skins scattered all over the track.
  • Star Fox - Do a barrel roll, heck do LOTS of barrel rolls.
  • Vegas Stakes - Lose $10,000 in one minute and go broke Brewster's Millions style.
  • Super Metroid - Escape from the exploding ship while locked in Morph Ball form - use that bomb jump!
  • Super Punch-Out!! - Defeat Bob Charlie in a Dance Dance Revolution style dance-off.
  • Kirby's Dream Course - Get a hole-in-one on a fiendishly fluffy course.
  • Donkey Kong Country - Complete the first stage in under 30 seconds while riding Rambi.
  • Mario's Super Picross - Erm, solve a picross puzzle.

Of course it would be an even more exciting SNES line-up if Nintendo could get the likes of Capcom and Konami on board. Who would object to a Shoryuken challenge or a test of how well you can tickle-whip skeletons to death in Super Castlevania IV?

Let us know which games you would like to see in a SNES Remix below, and which is your favourite out of our choices in the poll.

Which is your favourite SNES Remix game choice? (338 votes)

  1. Super Mario World18%
  2. F-Zero5%
  3. Pilotwings3%
  4. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past15%
  5. Super Mario Kart12%
  6. Star Fox10%
  7. Vegas Stakes1%
  8. Super Metroid18%
  9. Super Punch-Out!!2%
  10. Kirby's Dream Course1%
  11. Donkey Kong Country13%
  12. Mario's Super Picross2%

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