From here to the credits in under an hour

At the weekend we shared the exciting news that the week-long Awesome Games Done Quick Event raised over $1 million, which was an outstanding effort from everyone concerned. We'd also heard that the Super Metroid race — between runners Garrison, Ivan, Krauser and Zoast — was a stand-out event; it had certainly contributed a sizeable chunk of the donations.

Now, thanks to diligent YouTuber Charles English, that part of the live stream is available to watch. In the feed you can watch all four runs at the same time, so this is certainly a way for enthusiasts to see some masters of their craft in action — the finale couldn't be much closer.

The video's just under an hour with the winner finishing the job before then, and the useful commentary of the event helps explain what's happening, along with the various tricks being put to use. Check it out below.