Around a week ago we told you about the start of Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, which was seven days of live streaming of speed-runs and assorted challenges, all with the goal of raising plenty of money for the Prevent Cancer charity.

The events are now closed, and the current total — post-event donations may add a little extra — is an exceptional $1,007,041USD; that's a dramatic increase over the 2013 total of $448,000. The seven days of the event attracted 27,168 donations from 17,899 separate donors, while nearly 200 prizes were up for grabs over that period. There were 154 runs in total, including plenty of retro Nintendo goodies; one particularly notable event for fundraising (thanks MC Augstkalns) was a Super Metroid race between four runners — Garrison, Ivan, Krauser and Zoast. A vote for that run titled "What to do with the Animals" — with choices of Kill or Save — raised $67.288.29 all on its own.

To break into seven figures is an amazing achievement for this week-long event. Once some official videos are released on YouTube we'll upload a selection; did you watch any of the events over the past seven days