Will soon support Wii U projects

While various small developers are bringing their games to the Wii U eShop using custom-developed engines or licensed options such as Unity, Nintendo's also established the Nintendo Web Framework to allow games using web-based codes such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to be published on the store. One upcoming HTML5 game coming to the store soon is BLOK DROP U, and you can see our interview with its developer, RCMADIAX, to learn more on that project.

There are various easy-to-use development tools that use HTML5, one of which is Construct 2, a 2D engine from London-based company Scirra. In an update on its official blog, Scirra has now confirmed that official support for the Wii U is on the way. The engine already supports platforms such as iOS and Android, as well as multiple web-based services, utilising plug-ins and built-in support to easily export games.

Below is an excerpt from the announcement.

Construct 2 takes advantage of the Nintendo Web Framework (https://wiiu-developers.nintendo.com/) enabling both new and existing games to easily port to Wii U, taking advantage of Construct 2's unrivalled high-performance and feature-rich HTML5 2D game engine. Engineering work is currently being done to make sure everything is running smoothly, and an initial release of Construct 2 with Wii U support will be made available to authorised developers soon.

Developers will need to become Nintendo Authorised Developers before being able to use Construct 2's new Wii U support. Developers can apply to become authorised developers at https://wiiu-developers.nintendo.com/signup/. Please note that a Wii U development kit will be necessary to test your game works with the Wii U system before publishing. Developers will also need at least a Construct 2 Personal license (or Business license where necessary) to export for Wii U.

The Wii U tool, when launched, will be available to all Construct 2 licence owners at no extra charge, part of a policy that means all platforms are supported. Nintendo's system appears to be the first home console utilising this engine.

This is potentially exciting news for those that use the Construct 2 engine or are thinking of doing so, especially as a free version is available as a means to try it out.

[source scirra.com]