At last!

It's nothing new when a popular Japanese game doesn't get a western release, but every so often some manage to make it overseas. Guild 01 for the 3DS was one such release; technically a compilation of four titles back in Japan, it has been slowly released in the west as individual games over the past few years.

We've already had Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter and Crimson Shroud, but the fourth and final Guild 01 release — Weapon Shop De Omasse — has thus far been missing in action.

The game was pegged as being too text heavy to make western localisation anything but a nightmare, and there was a fear that it just wouldn't sell very well outside of Japan. It was looking unlikely that that the game was ever going to grace western 3DS consoles — until now, that is.

The OFLC — the classification board of Australia — has stated that Level 5’s missing game is being published by Level 5 International America and is to be rated PG. Unfortunately there was no news on a proposed release date for either North America or Europe.

It may have taken a while, but it looks like Weapon Shop De Omasse is finally on its way overseas — so for all of you clamouring to get the complete collection of Guild 01 releases, feel free to turn your hype machine to the "mildly excited" setting and keep your eyes open for more details.