Way back in October 2012 we shared an award-winning, emotive and challenging Zelda-themed video called Escape. It portrayed some difficult times for a young girl that was miserable at school, before going home to a breaking family as well as physical and emotional abuse. Her escape was in the fantasy of The Legend of Zelda, with the game serving as a conduit for her imagination.

It was an excellent video, and now film-maker Kennedy Baruch has been in touch to let us know that he's releasing a feature length film adaptation of Escape, this time to be called PRINCESS IN ANOTHER CASTLE; it'll follow a similar storyline, but will be set in 1996 with the character seeking solace in classic NES titles. Due this year, Baruch has emphasized that this film will have attention to detail on the gaming front, with some notable artistic license applied for the sake of the storyline.

We'll certainly keep an eye on this — the announcement trailer is below.

If you didn't see it first-time around, below is the original Escape. We've also reproduced our original warning about its content.

We must warn that this video tackles difficult themes such as psychological bullying, and also includes some swearing and one brief moment of simulated violence in the home. That said, with an emotive performance from the lead actress, Bella Porter, this is a high-quality short film that's worth watching.