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Those that endured the VGX broadcast may have enjoyed an early segment that focused on the most recent Kong Off contest; it followed world record holder Dr. Hank Chien and body-building trash-talker Vincent Lemay. It gave a brief insight into both characters and the event itself, showing the passion of the small band of competitors that have become masters of the original Donkey Kong arcade.

That video was under five minutes, but YouTube channel MotherboardTV has posted an extended cut of that same documentary, with some additional interview sections thrown in. The Chien / Lemay rivalry is an intriguing one, even if the affable plastic surgeon is less concerned about the contest than the feisty younger player; possibly due to the fact that Chien is confident he'll come out on top. Beyond that rivalry, however, this is another insight into the Kong Off world, which is certainly interesting.

You can check out this extended cut below, so let us know what you think.

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