I think they like it

When 9-year-old Brandon Kuzma ripped open the wrapping paper on his N64 console way back in 1998, little did he know that his infamous reaction would become an internet sensation a few years later.

The video recording of the most epic of all unboxings has been viewed over 17 million times on YouTube, and has generated all kinds of parodies over the past few years.

Just in case you're somehow not one of those 17 million people, here it is:

Living with that kind of fame must be hard, but you wouldn't know it from the way Brandon and his sister Rachel - who also stars in the video - are handling it. They're all grown up now of course, but rather than shunning their potentially embarrassing legacy they've embraced it by launching www.n64kids.com/, which includes bonus footage from that special day.

Recounting Christmas 1998, Brandon says:

It was a Nintendo! Video games equaled melted brains back then to most parents, and I had just gotten use to the idea that we'd probably never have one in our house. So after the first rip of ironically golden wrapping paper, when we saw the beginning of the 'Nin...,' it caught me so off guard. I went through stages...like the initial shock, happiness, disbelief it was even real. By the time I started smacking the box, I didn't even know what to do anymore. I was just super psyched.

Brandon and Rachel today (Photo credit: Mashable)

His sister Rachel - often seen as a bit-player in this video - had this to say about the earth-shattering moment:

I think everyone assumes I was only copying my brother and excited for him — but really, the N64 was a huge deal to the both of us. It was something we both had wanted for so long. Getting the N64 really was like a dream come true.

The video has been mocked all over the web, but in our opinion it represents Nintendo fandom in its purest form: unadulterated and unbridled excitement.

Did you unwrap your Wii U on Christmas day to similar scenes? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source mashable.com, via n64kids.com]