Bayonetta 2 Banner

Although yet to receive a release window beyond a vague "2014", Bayonetta 2 is a highly anticipated arrival on the Wii U; it's also easy to forget that, when confirmed for the system in August 2012, large parts of the internet given up to game forums suffered a meltdown. While the original Bayonetta may not have been a commercial smash hit, it seems to benefit from a fiercely loyal following; some of those fans are even pushing for a Wii U release of that title, though the words of Reggie Fils-Aime may put them off further campaigning.

While preview builds and limited footage so far certainly look promising, one aspect of Bayonetta 2's development may disappoint fans — well-known Platinum Games Director Hideki Kamiya isn't leading the project, though he's undoubtedly provided consultancy on occasion. Kamiya-san did take on directing duties for Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101, however, and in a Weekly Famitsu interview (translated by Kotaku) he explains that his focus is on new experiences and ideas, taking away the opportunity to continue on previous franchises.

It's not that I don't want to make sequels – I really do! But considering the nature of my position, I don't really get a chance to. Somebody needs to offer new entertainment to gamers and do the work of sowing seeds that can later grow to be strong pillars. It sounds a little overblown, but I've come to believe that is my purpose. If I had been involved with Devil May Cry 2, then Viewtiful Joe and Okami might never have been made. If I was directing Bayonetta 2, then I wouldn't have been able to make The Wonderful 101.

Kamiya-san's projects, including The Wonderful 101, do often deliver experiences that are fresh and different from a lot of other games on the market, so perhaps this is a sound policy to follow. Do you agree?