Hideki Kamiya — of Platinum Games — may be an extravagant game maker, but he's also the self-proclaimed Master of Twitter, renowned for stirring up his followers and, occasionally, leading them on a merry dance. His style is normally to answer enquiries with retweets and short responses, and his latest responses on the subject of the original Bayonetta coming to Wii U has prompted eager fans to launch an online campaign for the title to arrive before or with the much anticipated Wii U-exclusive Bayonetta 2.

Kamiya-san has tweeted in the past that he'd be happy to see the first title on Nintendo's system, but that its fate ultimately rests with original publisher SEGA and Nintendo. When quizzed recently on the topic — once again — he gave the following responses.

In truth we saw Kamiya's tweets on the subject and thought little of it, simply due to the fact that he makes these sorts of statements fairly often. The difference this time is that users over on NeoGaf have used them as a springboard for Operation Dead Angels, which is providing templates, links and tips to bombard Nintendo and related organisations via Twitter, Miiverse and Facebook; all with the goal of pressuring these companies into making the release happen. A search on the campaign's hashtag #BayonettaWiiU on Twitter does show quite a few gamers taking up the cause on that network.

This brings to mind the Operation Rainfall campaign of years gone by, in which Nintendo of America was petitioned to release Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower on Wii — it's tough to say how much their eventual arrival in the region, not all published by Nintendo it must be said, was influenced by that campaign.

Yet still, some vocal fans are keen to apply pressure to see Bayonetta on the Wii U; check out the campaign's forum thread if you want to join in. Would you like to see Bayonetta on Wii U and, more importantly, do you think a fan-led social media campaign can make it happen?

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