The Luigi-themed 2DS console we reported on - which actually turned out to be nothing more than a convincing custom-made creation by Rose Coloured Gaming - is now up for auction.

To take the Year of Luigi out in style, fans can now bid on this exclusive item until 17th November, with 25 percent of the proceeds going directly to Child’s Play Charity.

Despite such a positive reception when photos of the custom-made design initially did the rounds (to the point we and many others believed the system was real), the auction page explains the unit was built under the following vision:

One-of-a-kind item, and as such, there will not be a run of more than one.

Key selling points are the beautiful indentation of Luigi on the back of the device, along with quality packaging, and a familiar green and white colour scheme.

If you’re interested in bidding for this exclusive 2DS, click here. And with that, case closed.