Star Fox Fortress 2 Mod

Team Fortress is a phenomenon, as the Valve-developed multiplayer FPS typifies the features that many PC gamers adore — basically, it can be modded and manipulated in a lot of ways. It's a major part of the game's appeal, though the default crazy cartoonish action has a legion of fans, with plenty still playing the ageing game to this day.

As with any PC game that makes modding easy, the results can often be surprising. This Star Fox mod, below, is quite high up in the crazy stakes, mainly due to its impressive progress to date; the footage below is "pre-alpha". Unsurprisingly called Star Fortress, we don't know whether Nintendo will object to the use of its IP — this video has been working its way around plenty of parts of the media — but it does nevertheless look fun. You can always use Download Play with a few others in Star Fox 64 3D if you want a perfectly legit way to play, of course.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.