Iwata Band Bros ND

A little while ago we reported on a new Jam With The Band title coming to 3DS, in development by Intelligent Systems. Jam With The Band on the DS certainly had some fans in Europe, though unfortunately it never made it to North America; Nintendo has now broadcast a special Nintendo Direct in Japan for the upcoming release.

The new title looks set to be called Daigasso! Band Brothers P, and will incorporate various features. As well as playing instruments, it'll be possible to record and manipulate your voice using Vocaloid, a common effect recognisable to most. Recording and saving existing songs — as well as creating your own — looks to be a major part of the experience, and according to a translation by NintenDaan will allow sharing on YouTube.

You can check out the Nintendo Direct and an overview trailer below, with confirmation that this will release in Japan on 14th November.

Nintendo Direct

Overview Trailer