You know, for kids!

The unexpected announcement of the 2DS has led to some rather interesting opinion pieces appearing online, many of which actually defend Nintendo's move and see the cut-price console for what it truly is: an entry-level proposition that is sure to find its way under many Christmas trees this holiday season.

However, there's always going to be some critical voices, and none have been quite so prominent lately as tech blogger and Apple fan John Gruber. Writing on this Daring Fireball blog, Gruber has been dishing out some pretty damning comments regarding Nintendo's new console and the company's future — some of which have attracted the attention of other noted tech bloggers, including Craig Grannell (a seasoned gamer but also a big Apple fan) and Lukas Mathis.

The debate has been raging for a few days now, but Gruber's most recent blog — posted on September 6th — makes the most chilling prediction yet:

Trust me, put an iPad Mini and a 3DS on a table next to each other, and most kids today will reach, if not jump, for the iPad. If you don’t see that as an existential threat for Nintendo, there’s nothing I can say that will change your mind.

A Nintendo that doesn’t make games for iOS is a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids; a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids is a Nintendo with no future.

No doubt his fellow tech bloggers will continue to counter his line of argument, and this is certainly an exchange worth keeping an eye on — not for the chance to get all indignant about what one Apple fan out of many thinks Nintendo should do, but because it gives an interesting insight in the way the tech world — and those who write about it — operates.

Before posting a comment, make sure you read as many of the arguments put forward as possible — all of this makes for fascinating reading, especially as most seasoned Nintendo fans believe that the company is doing just fine, thank you very much.

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