The 2DS has, despite its obvious reasons for existence in the market this Holiday season, been open to plenty of incredulity and mockery online. That was its inevitable fate, as no amount of logic — or the fact it's not threatening anyone — will spare it some teasing on the web.

We must doff our caps to whoever produced, however, for the skill of their spoof. As the name suggests, it's a website uncannily like Nintendo's — the hyperlinks are to official pages — that announces the Nintendo 1DS, a single screen member of the 3DS family. Available for $99 in a parallel universe, it allows you to use various options to enjoy the action — you can switch between the top and bottom screens on the fly, hook up a smartphone as the top screen using a dock, or even use a dongle to play 3DS games on the TV.

As you can see in the screengrabs above and below, it's a slickly produced site. We reckon Nintendo will probably get this taken down in the near future, so enjoy it while it lasts; sometimes jokes are too well done to get outraged over, right?