Aurorus Dragmara Amagarga Official 300 Dpi

We've recently had the opportunity to go hands on and learn much more about Pokémon X & Y, and one little tid-bit of info we were given is actually for a new 'mon; it's rather charming appearance has already greeted your eyeballs above, of course.

Called Aurorus, this is a Tundra Pokémon that is a Rock / Ice type. It's the evolution of Amura, which was revealed by The Pokémon Company recently; some key statistics are below.

  • Ability: Refrigerate
  • Height: 8′10″ / 2.7 m
  • Weight: 496.0 lbs. / 225.0 kg

It can expel air as cold as –240 degrees Fahrenheit to damage enemies, or even form a wall of ice as protection. A move making its debut in X & Y, meanwhile, is Freeze-Dry, which is Super-Effective against Water types (unlike some other Ice moves) and can freeze opponents.

So, what do you think of Aurorus?

Aurorus Dragmara Amagarga Screenshot 1
Aurorus Dragmara Amagarga Screenshot 2
Aurorus Dragmara Amagarga Screenshot 3