Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is still a fresh arrival on the Wii U eShop, with just over 2 weeks’ exposure in Europe and a release only yesterday in North America. But it’s never too early to talk about sales expectations, right?

Adrian Goersch, managing director at developer Black Forest Games, told Beefjack that although Twisted Dreams came out earlier on other platforms, sales are so far “at the same level as on the other consoles.” Considering the game has been in the Top 10 on XBLA and PSN and Top 5 in Europe, this is an encouraging sign for its Wii U performance.

Goersch said he is looking towards January for more solid figures, following the holidays and the typical uptick in sales seen on Nintendo systems during this time.

DLC may be coming later on if sales live up to their potential on the Wii U, Goersch said, but a patch is guaranteed to come that will fix an overlooked sound issue for GamePad players:

We underestimated how many are actually playing on the pad, and we had no music support for it. But at least this problem is solved and will be patched very soon.

We had few nightmares over Twisted Dreams in our review, saying it “provides an innovative, entertaining and highly challenging experience.” Have you or do you plan to pick up this eShop title? Let us know below.