Rufus Hound

Earlier this month Nintendo UK employed the services of British comedian Rufus Hound to explain the "Wii U Difference" where he went through the various features of the GamePad, which was lovingly described as "the Wii U's wingman".

A couple of weeks later Nintendo released the Hound once more. This time he informed the masses about the eShop sandwich, which was made up of main retail titles (the bread), indie eShop titles (the butter) and Virtual Console classics (the filling). Sounds tasty to be fair.

Well, he's back and this time he's talking people through the entertainment aspects of the Wii U, which include watching YouTube videos and movies through Netflix and LoveFilm all "from the comfort of your own GamePad".

He mentions hot dinners and cake this time round. Do Nintendo feed him? We sure do hope so.

Check out the new educational video below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Just don't say hi to him at the start, you'll only encourage him.