Lacking in punch?

The Wonderful 101 is a truly fantastic piece of software, and one of the best Wii U games we've played this year. Sadly, the quality of product hasn't translated into sales, as the game has shifted less than 5,500 copies in its native Japan, according to Media Create's data.

Platinum's Wii U exclusive has entered the Japanese multiformat charts at number 14 with just 5,258 units sold. By way of comparison, Pikmin 3 — the only other Wii U title in the chart — shifted 5,741 units in the same period of time, and that game has been available since July.

We recently reported that The Wonderful 101 had shipped just 30,000 copies for its Japanese release, which suggests that hopes weren't high for a smash hit at retail. In the UK, the game missed out on a top 20 position in the multiformat charts.

Hopefully it will perform better when it hits North American store shelves in September.