Wind Waker HD Screen

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD arrives in October — and has been dated for 4th October in Europe — and gives a new generation a chance to experience the GameCube's main entry in the iconic series. For veterans of the game it'll bring HD visuals, new controls and some gameplay tweaks, of course, which may be enough to prompt some revisits.

With its arrival so close, Nintendo's Japanese website has evidently revealed the download size for that region's eShop version, which is likely to be pretty much the same in the West. If you go for the download option you'll only need to set aside a modest 2.6GB of space on your Wii U or external hard drive, which is certainly on the lower end of the scale for modern titles. Yet this is a HD re-release of a game two generations old, so even with an upscale the cel-shaded visuals are unlikely to be too demanding.

Other information included confirmation that the game will render in 1080p (we're not sure that was ever in doubt), the Pro Controller is supported and surround sound is an option, if that's your kind of thing.

With the download being undoubtedly modest in size, are you tempted to go the eShop route for this one?