New Super Mario Bros. 2 Banner

When it comes to New Super Mario Bros. 2 it really is all about the money (money, money). Mario and Luigi collect a ridiculous number of coins, so much so that the game keeps a tally of your total and adds it to a worldwide pot; the last time we reported on it 300 billion coins had been snagged. Those kind of numbers are so 2012, however, as the total has now passed one trillion.

That's a lot of coins, and when the 300 billion mark was hit we received a free DLC Coin Rush pack. Will Nintendo give us anything this time around, or has it moved on and forgotten about its gold-themed platformer? We'll see soon enough.

The tally continued to refresh and increase as we typed these very words, showing that plenty of people are still enjoying this title worldwide. If Nintendo was willing to give us more classic levels as Coin Rush stages, we'd certainly see that as a good enough reason to dig the game out for another whirl.