Go blue team!

Over the weekend a couple of North American retailers outed Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver, a high-octane racing title heading to all major platforms including Wii U and 3DS.

Warner Bros. Interactive has now confirmed the game will speed onto European shelves as well and has given an official release date of 20th September in the region.

As we already know Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver will feature 24 iconic vehicles from the series and will test players across four separate categories. There's the speedy green team; the red team, which is all about performing dangerous stunts; the technological blue team; and the yellow team, which has you performing gravity-defying jumps.

Firebrand Games is the developer behind this one and has previously released the likes of NASCAR Unleashed, Need for Speed: The Run, Trackmania and Fast & Furious: Showdown on Nintendo systems.

Strangely, Warner Bros. Interactive and Mattel have only stated the game is coming to the UK but has said it's being released globally and has given the price of the game in pounds and euros, so it's fairly safe to assume this will release across the continent. Incidentally, it's £29.99/ €39.99 for the Wii U version and £24.00/ €29.99 on the 3DS.

Will you be racing to the store to pick up a copy of Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver? Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.