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It's that time again, North America, when you can trade your Club Nintendo coins for a free downloadable game.

This week has an undoubtedly retro feel, with a good variety on option for redemption as 3DS or Wii Shop downloads — the latter can also be accessed on Wii U via the Wii Mode. There are a couple of sporty offerings, along with some puzzling to give your brain a work-out; take a look below.

Mario Golf — 150 coins
Brain Age Express: Soduku — 150 coins
Wario's Woods — 150 coins
NES Play Action Football — 150 coins

You have until 1st September to splash out with your coins on any of the above titles. Let us know which, if any, catch your eye in the comments and poll below.

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (235 votes)

Mario Golf


Brain Age Express: Soduku


Wario's Woods


NES Play Action Football


Nothing for me this time


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Thanks to Mike for the tip.