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It seems like a safe comment to say that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate was a divisive entry in the series. It split critics — though we were fans in our review — and gamers in general seemed to be rather divided over its merits. It was a title where MercurySteam went its own way, even if not all franchise fans approved.

Perhaps in a bid to persuade more fence-sitters to take the plunge, it seems that the title has had a $10 price cut in North America, dropping to $29.99 on the U.S. 3DS eShop and at retailers such as Amazon; it's also the official price listed by Nintendo. That same price change doesn't appear to have carried across to Europe, with the UK 3DS eShop still listing the download version at £39.99, though it's available for much less at various retailers as part of individual promotions.

For our money it's a thoroughly worthwhile entry in the series, adopting a more methodical, complex combat system while delivering some of the most effective uses of stereoscopic 3D to date. So, North American gamers, does the new price make this one more tempting?

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