Bit Trip Saga Banner

It seems to be promotional silly-season right now, and Aksys Games is leaping into the fray with a series of download offers coming to the 3DS eShop and, for the most part, the PlayStation Network. The offer coming to the 3DS eShop, however, is an absolute beauty.

From 1st - 15th September BIT.TRIP SAGA will be reduced to $4.99 from $14.99. This collection of all six classic WiiWare titles — with 3D thrown in, of course — will ultimately offer each game for less than a dollar, from one perspective, and will surely be good value in anyone's book.

We're big fans of the BIT.TRIP games here are Nintendo Life, and had plenty of positives to share in our BIT.TRIP SAGA review. This offer is North America-only, however, as Rising Star Games published the title in Europe, as opposed to Aksys Games.

So for those in North America, are you tempted to pick this up for five bucks on 1st September?