Level5 Wallpaper

A little while ago we shared the peculiar news that a load of online pranksters had voted for the Aero Porter plane as their 'favourite' Level-5 character. It was a poll to celebrate the company's 15th anniversary, and pleas for the vote to be taken seriously were clearly ignored — we feel confident saying that these were pranksters, as surely a plane isn't a genuine favourite. Even the esteemed Professor Layton would have spat his tea out in shock as he was unceremoniously kept down to 13th place.

The purpose of the poll was for the top 10 to feature in a special wallpaper, and to its credit Level-5 has been true to its word. If the internet demands a plane and various members of the Inazuma Eleven cast, then that's what the internet gets. You can see it above, and the only disappointment is that the orange Aero Porter from that 3DS eShop release doesn't appear prominently, despite coming in 9th place in the vote. Maybe he's on the plane, or is that him in the shadow cast by the gaggle of Inazuma characters?

But still, credit to you Level-5, it's a cool wallpaper.

[source kotaku.com]