We've written much here on Nintendo Life about Nintendo's sustained efforts to attract small developers to the Wii U, through relaxed requirements, greater accessibility and support, and most vitally development tools designed to assist studios with limited time and budgets.

In that respect we've written about Nintendo's freely distributed Unity tools and the Nintendo Web Framework, the latter of which is perhaps less understood; while many games utilise the Unity engine, it can be tricky to understand the Web Framework. We know it allows easy porting of games to the Wii U, as well as development using Javascript and HTML5, but how will that translate into games on the system?

Thankfully the Unity3D YouTube channel has posted a presentation given by Nintendo of America's Clayton Hughes, explaining the development tools available on the home console, providing demonstrations of the Nintendo Web Framework in action as well as providing plenty of information.

If you're curious about how some development on Wii U actually works, you should check this out.

[source siliconera.com]