Our dashing hero

A little while ago we discovered that Swedish developer Image & Form was working on a spiritual successor to DSiWare title SteamWorld: Tower Defence. In our interview with the developer, we were told that the 3DS eShop title is a "platform mining adventure" with the "aim to mix platform play with puzzles and emergent elements". It was also explained to us that it's likely to attract more experienced gamers, and "around 12 hours of solid gameplay" is now being promised; it all sounds promising.

We don't have long to wait to see how well it'll stack up, with Image & Form confirming that the title will arrive in North America and PAL regions on 8th August, with prices set at $8.99 / €8.99 / 11.99 AUD. You'll control Rusty the "steam-powered cowbot" to dig your way to riches in a steampunk era at the turn of the 19th Century, so we expect some cool cowboy-style hats and, of course, some kind of sinister threat to take on.

The official trailer will apparently be released on 6th August, so until then we have the beta footage below. Are you interested in picking this up?