Capcom has announced a batch of downloadable content for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies in Japan. The game becomes available in the Land of the Rising Sun tomorrow and the extra content will slowly filter out throughout August and possibly beyond.

First up, players can download three new costumes. Phoenix will be able to don his old suit from the original series, Apollo will have a more a casual outfit and Athena will be able to dress as a schoolgirl. Many people bemoan the inclusion of costume DLC, but they will be free until 15th August, after that money will be required.

There will also be a deduction quiz pack that will be set at the Wright Anything Agency office. The prologue to this content will be available in the game already and is unlocked after completing the first case, while the next three parts will be released on 1st, 8th and 15th August and will cost money to download.

Finally - and probably most importantly - a brand new case called Special Chapter: Turnabout Return will be made available and will be set after Apollo Justice. The case sees Phoenix get hired by a trainer who likes to dress as a pirate. Apparently she needs the attorney to defend her orca against a murder charge in court - well, what did you expect?

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies is set to emerge in the Fall of this year in the West. Unlike Japan, it will only be available as an eShop download on the 3DS, there won't be any physical copies in stores - unless Capcom perform an incredible U-turn.

Though the DLC isn't confirmed for the West just yet, it's likely it will make it over eventually.

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