Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is in attendance at the San Diego Comic Con where it is showing off its upcoming title Batman: Arkham Origins.

During the event, a new character was revealed in the form of Copperhead, who isn't typically a Batman antagonist but is a DC supervillain all the same. This rendition seems to be using the New 52 character rather than the previous costume wearing baddie seen in the 1960's comics.

However, in Batman: Arkham Origins Copperhead is in fact a female and has claws, which is odd as snakes don't tend to have claws, or arms for that matter. She plays one of the deadly assassins hell-bent on ruining Batman's night. During the reveal trailer the Caped Crusader points out that the reports he has on Copperhead "references a male, not a female" so perhaps this isn't actually the Copperhead, but an associate. We'll just have to wait and see.

You can check out the reveal video below to see her in action. Let us know what you think to the new addition in the comment section underneath.