Nintendo aims to boost sales with more software

While last year's E3 was focused on Nintendo's Wii U, this year's event will always be remembered as the year Sony and Microsoft revealed their new consoles to the world.

Nintendo opted to do things a little differently this time round, going for a much smaller Nintendo Direct presentation rather than a loud on-stage press conference. There were fewer fireworks, but it allowed it to get to the point and show off its upcoming titles to the world.

Naturally, this holiday season is going to be a fierce one. Microsoft and Sony will be pushing the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and many are wondering how Nintendo will compete.

In an interview with CNN, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said Nintendo simply needs to get as many games into the wild as possible so more gamers can begin to understand the value of Wii U itself.

Software sells hardware. The number of hardware selling and the number of people who can experience the unique attractions of the Wii U are going to increase, and thereby the knowledge and the understanding about the Wii U system shall naturally expand.

As for how Nintendo will deal with the competition, it doesn't appear too interested in what they're doing and is focusing on creating experiences that can't be found anywhere but on Wii U:

We just don't care too much about what other companies are doing or are trying to do. Our primary focus is to think about and actually carry out something which other company's hardware can never realise. We are trying to provide consumers gaming experiences that can only be available on Nintendo platforms.

Iwata said those who currently own a Wii U are enjoying their new console, but the challenge is getting those without one to see the system's uniqueness.

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