Collect the instruments. Wake the Wind Fish.

Two decades ago, on 6th June 1993, Japanese gamers were the first to explore the mysteries of Koholint Island in what is still considered by some to be among the top Zelda games in the series — all on the now-humble Game Boy, no less.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was originally intended as a port of A Link to the Past, and treated as a side project until it took on an identity of its own. The development team ended up taking several departures from previous titles, including a setting technically outside of Hyrule and a host of tongue-in-cheek Nintendo character cameos including Peach, Yoshi and Kirby.

Link’s Awakening proved a long-term success for the Game Boy and is reported to have sold nearly 4 million copies. A DX version was released in 1998 to take advantage of the Game Boy Color’s palettes and is currently available in the 3DS eShop.

There are many wonderful memories to take away from Link’s Awakening and its surprisingly deep story, such as Marin, The Ballad of the Wind Fish, our first introduction to long-winded owls and more. Please share yours in the comments below.