It won't creep us out for another week

Yesterday, as normal on a Monday, we provided the full details of this week's European Nintendo Download update, which features quite a few 3DS eShop titles to enjoy. While Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move is probably the biggest profile game coming on 9th May, we were also intrigued and pleased to see that The Starship Damrey is coming this week. Except, it isn't.

We've been notified by Nintendo that "THE STARSHIP DAMREY from LEVEL-5 has now been moved to 16th May"; that's that, then. From a Sales & Marketing 101 perspective this is arguably a smart move, as Nintendo won't want a great many purchases focusing on Mario's latest shenanigans when there's a Guild02 offering arriving at the same time; rather like with the Level-5 predecessors from Guild01, we'd expect these releases to be given prime billing on the 3DS eShop. For those of us intrigued by The Starship Damrey's concept of a sci-fi setting, a protagonist with a loss of memory and a hands-off approach that leaves the player to figure everything out for themselves, we'll just need to wait one week longer.

Never mind, Europe, we can console ourselves with the Japanese trailer in the meantime, via NintenDaan.