Earlier today we shared John Leguizamo's thoughts on the Super Mario Bros. live-action movie, as a special screening celebrated the movie's 20th Anniversary. It divides critics, but does enjoy a cult-status and loyal following.

Scripted by Steven Applebaum and Ryan Hoss, with the story by Parker Bennett, a new webcomic will pick up where the movie left off. In his foreword, Bennett explains that, as one member of the original writing team on the movie, he'd added the teaser for a sequel at the end; in his words, he was "hopelessly optimistic". He also gives some interesting context to the problems that the film had in production, as well as the role that he and his partner played — though Bennett has said that with the dialog in the final movie "there's not a lot that's really mine".

They were $25 million over budget and basically had to cut anything they could — plus they needed a few scenes re-written and a new ending. Finally, we were hired again to write looping dialogue and a horrible animated intro to try and help the audience make sense of the story, which, unsurprisingly, wasn't quite tracking.

This webcomic sequel to the movie isn't a potential project waiting the get off the ground, but is well and truly underway. Seven pages are now available to view, for free, at smbthecomic.com.

There's some lovely artwork to enjoy, so check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

[source destructoid.com, via smbthecomic.com]