Not another Metroid, then?

Retro Studios is one of Nintendo's most valuable assets right now, having delivered smash hits in the form of the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns. We all know that the company is working on something for the Wii U, and we'll no doubt see what that is at this year's E3. However, no one seems to know exactly what Retro has in development — rumours are circulating that it's another Metroid, a fresh take on a different Nintendo franchise or something completely fresh and new.

That final guess has been given a bit more weight by IGN. During a Super Metroid video, it was mentioned that Retro is working on a brand new title. Check out the video below around the 24 minute mark to hear the comment.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you hoping to see Retro let loose on its own IP, or are you keen to see what the developer can do with Star Fox, F-Zero or some other beloved Nintendo series? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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