We'll use our happy face for this announcement

One curiosity with Miiverse, despite its various strengths, has been the no-screenshot limitation when replying to a post with a comment; that functionality has been limited to fresh posts, meaning that any conversations on how to progress in a game — particularly one as baffling as Super Metroid — was limited to words or hand-drawn doodles.

While browsing the latest Miiverse update posts, we've spotted a message from last week confirming that you can now add screenshots in reply comments, too. We imagine this'll be helpful if you want to show someone how to pass a key point, as you can simply progress to that area of the game and jump onto Miiverse with a useful reply. We can see potential for "where are you in the game" style threads and, we imagine, lengthy affairs that serve as bite-sized walkthroughs. With the Miiverse community, we expect it to be interesting, at least.

It's another excellent addition, and if you want proof you can squint at our not-at-all-fuzzy picture below. A small touch, but do you think you'll be throwing screenshots into your Miiverse comments?