Level-5 has been trademarking again

Level-5's Guild 02 titles are already out in Japan and are on their way to the West. The Starship Damrey will be released first - 16th May in North America - and will be followed by Bugs vs. Tanks! and Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale.

There's been no official news on any development of a Guild 03 series but if Level-5's latest set of trademarks are anything to go by, it could be on the way.

Siliconera has spotted three new trademark registrations from the developer in Japan: Wonderflick, Rare Drop Adventurer Note and Earth Devastating B-rank Girlfriend.

Though there is no official link to a Guild 03 collection - or any other game for that matter - all marks were registered on the same day and certainly have a quirky Guild-like feel to them.

We can't wait to see what Earth Devastating B-rank Girlfriend is all about. What are your thoughts on these new names? Let us know by leaving your mark in the comments section below.

[source siliconera.com]