Flowers have been left at the scene

At the start of the month we reported that Capcom UK was planning a grisly and macabre PR stunt to mark the HD release of Resident Evil: Revelations. The plan was to fill a swimming pool with blood-coloured water and dismembered body parts, as well as employ "zombie" lifeguards. Our roving reporter Javier Santana Panero was all set to attend and had even invested in a new pair of swimming trunks, but we've now heard that the event has been cancelled.

Yesterday, a British soldier was killed in what is being treated as a suspected terrorist attack in Woolwich, UK. Following the killing, a man with his hands covered in blood was filmed saying he performed the brutal act because British soldiers are killing Muslims every day — a reference to the current conflict on the Middle East.

Here's what Capcom UK had to say:

In light of yesterday's sad events we're cancelling our Revelations pool event. Thank you for your understanding.

Common sense has most definitely prevailed in this case — it would have been spectacularly poor taste to run the event after such a tragic occurrence — to be honest, it was probably poor taste regardless.

Let us know what you think — are you disappointed that the stunt isn't going head, or do you think Capcom made the right choice? Perhaps you feel that the whole thing was a bad decision anyway? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.